Monday, May 25, 2009

In loving memory of La Vern

It has been three years since La Vern passed away. We saw him in the winter of 2005 in Oregon during our trip to Hearst Castle California. Before we left, he hug both of us, I could see tears in his eyes. He passed away in the Summer of 2006.

He wrote this before he left this world, to share his view of life to all of us.

The most two important things are:
1. One word: "Cherish" everything and everyone close to you. For all can be gone in the blink of an eye.
2. "The Best Things in Life are Free." Love, understanding, caring. I believe one gets wrapped up in the material things in life and doesn't mean to, but forgets the real thngs. Like the sun, moon, stars, a blade of grass. One must cherish the simple things also; talking, seeing, feeling, taking a bath, even combing one's hair. The routine things. There is an old saying, I believe, "One doesn't know what they have'til they lose it."

- LaVern Rice

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